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The YOR Health Getaway at the Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne was the exclamation mark for our annual event. All of our top producers, from Australia, Mexico and America, came together to learn how to apply the knowledge already gained through meditation, contemplation and self-awareness.

As the crown jewel of our Annual Conference, it was fitting that the Getaway was held in an elegant, sumptuous setting at the Ritz that symbolized both the vital communications offered, as well as the world-class nature of our company. After a day of learning, every team member mingled, rubbed elbows with top producers, shared success strategies with leaders from other countries and discussed our inspirations and how best to apply them.

YOR Health at Miami

Each morning started with Drew Lawrence teaching the purpose of life, including how to fulfill our desires and learn life lessons. The purpose of each soul is realized most quickly when we reach our potential through self-realization.

At the Annual Conference, Darren Hardy talked about knowledge. At the Getaway, Drew Lawrence talked about how to apply knowledge. Everyone was completely engaged. They learned how to bring out and demonstrate the subconscious mind, which is 90% of the conscious mind.

In fact, all 296 attendees (not including VIPs and staff) were nourished with wisdom and insights that will stay with them, always.

YOR Health at Miami

Following these self-development meetings, everyone participated in activities like, the Ben Abstaker 45-Minute Workout, Soccer, Stand-Up Paddle Boarding and Kayaking. These healthy athletic experiences prepared us to launch ourselves toward our goals, with greater enthusiasm.

YOR Health at Miami

We salute celebrity guests, especially Drew Lawrence for his inspiring instruction, as well as Robert Paul, Agustin Arana and Hattie Boydle.

And, we congratulate those wise leaders that recognized the opportunity to enrich themselves and qualified to attend this year’s Getaway, a priceless resource for realizing true abundance and success!