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From the early stages of planning, Co-Founder Dennis Wong had a trip in mind where each attendee would find a newfound connection with IRs in their team and outside of their team. A total bonding experience designed with team building, fun, and adventure.

YOR Health at Yosemite

Exploring Yosemite on Foot
The first full day of activities included a hike to one of many various trails along the park. Varying difficulties did not hinder the eager attendees from going on the trails with the most rewarding views. Those waiting for their turn to go on the guided hikes were free to ride around the park on a bike, take a swim at the pool, or go on a leisurely hike until it was their turn to scale up to Yosemite Falls.

The Grand Tour
Day two of the trip took everybody on the full day’s grand tour of the Yosemite Valley stopping at one of Yosemite’s more famous viewpoints, Glacier Point, and ending with at tour of Mariposa Grove.

YOR Health at Yosemite

Campfire with the Co-Founder
Each night closed with group discussions lead by Dennis Wong. Dennis shared the stage with White Diamond, Michael Mo, and his personal life coach. Here the attendees gathered and shared some spiritually uplifting moments and were able to ask questions to Dennis’ life coach, giving them a new perspective on life and new philosophies to share with their teams back home.